10 May 2012

PerVoice joins LT-Innovate

PerVoice SpA is developing a voice recognition and transcription service based on technology developed at Fondazione Bruno Kessler. This is the only software of its kind developed entirely in Italy for turning spontaneous speech into written text. It's an example of Italian research producing results for the Italian market.

PerVoice is focused on three business sectors :
  • Meeting transcriptions. PerVoice offers services that support speech recognition, even spontaneous speech, for use in any context where quickly producing exact transcripts and verbatim records is required, such as courts, public meetings, and university proceedings.
  • Call centers. We offer speech analytics services able to structure and analyze the huge volume of data from telephone calls directly from the original audio recording.
  • Broadcasting. The company provides two services for broadcast media:
  • Monitoring and tracing of television and radio broadcasts.
  • Automatic subtitling of programs.

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