21 May 2012

The future of the European Commission Communication

The European Commission has just published a number of 2012 Roadmaps that are determining the direction of future EC Communications. Amongst them re some that could have an impact on LT – alas, the word language does not enter the text : 

- Pan European framework for electronic identification, authentication and signature. Based on the large-scale project STORK, the EC calls for legislative back-up to make eID across the EU happen.

- Digital Agenda for Europe – Next steps. The roadmap wants to act against the fragmented European on-line market to create a true single market for online content and services by 2015.

Communication on the developments in the area of access to scientific information. Here again, no mentioning of languages that would allow for a truly ubiquitous access for all Europeans. 

Reports show that digitisation and digital preservation across Europe remain fragmented. Technologies need to be developed, e.g. for cross-language search. 

To consult all the published roadmaps you can visit the following website:

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