31 May 2012

Clinithink joins LT-Innovate

Clinithink is a healthcare software company providing solutions which index unstructured clinical text in medical records and other healthcare data, thus exposing meaning and making the data "analyze-able" enabling providers and payers to drive efficiency.
Clinithink enables healthcare providers to extract knowledge from the clinical data currently trapped in the free-text of discharge summaries, clinical notes, and other documents. Using patent-pending algorithms and natural language processing to structure this currently unstructured data, Clinithink's CLiX technology enables the indexing, mapping and then analyzing of rich clinical narrative.
CLiX can be configured as a cloud-based solution and provided via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This makes it extremely flexible, scalable and cost-effective to integrate and consume in heterogeneous and legacy healthcare enterprise contexts.

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