18 July 2012

MemSource: 3 questions on Machine Translation use

At the Webinar “Making Machine Translation Part of Your Everyday Workflow“ MemSource ran three polling questions and the results are very interesting. To experience the way MemSource Cloud integrates machine translation into the everyday translation workflow, take a free trial. Or read about our post-editing analysis that provides insight into machine translation quality and usage at a segment level.

Question 1: We use Machine Translation for:
0% of our projects: 52%
10% of our projects: 28%
30% of our projects: 16%
50% of our projects: 0%
100% of our projects: 4%

Question 2: Do your translators sometimes use MT without you knowing about it?
No, but I have no way to check: 44%
No, and I have a way to check: 12%
Yes, but I don't mind: 12%
Yes, and it is a concern for us: 32%

Question 3: When you use MT for a project, are you able to measure MT quality?
No: 43%
Yes, to some extent: 45%
Yes, we always measure it: 12%

16 July 2012

Dassault Systèmes launches V6R2013 of its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

After winning a LT-Innovate Award 2012, 3DS Exalead has made available Version 6 Release 2013 of its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This release delivers enhancements for all of our Social and Collaborative, Information Intelligence, Content and Simulation, as well as 3D Modeling apps. It continues to bring unique value for all industries served by Dassault Systèmes. With V6R2013 EXALEAD CloudView that delivers exactly the information people need in their unique context in real time, one no longer needs to be (or rely on!) a senior analyst, expert programmer or PhD statistician to understand and use complex structured data such as those siloed in large enterprise applications and data warehouses, or to glean insights from the voluminous “grey” data that makes up the bulk of today’s Big Data collections.

05 July 2012

LingleOnline won a top European award

LingleOnline won the prize for Language Technology Innovation at the LT-Innovate summit in Brussels. The event brings European executives involved in developing products using speech, translation or intelligent content technology together. The Irish start-up has scooped this top European award for its revolutionary approach to teaching language skills.
With Its recently announced collaboration with the British Council, this recognition would help the company take the next step in bringing its product to market, according to Ian Butler, Chief executive of LingleOnline.

03 July 2012

Textkernel awarded the Seal of Recognition Award META and the LT-Innovate Award for Extract!

After being granted by the LT-Innovate Award 2012, Textkernel got the META Seal of Recognition Award for Extract! CV parsing during the META Forum in Brussels last week. The award is given to products and services that make an active contribution to a European multilingual information society.

A new version of TermWeb, most advanced terminology solution, is available!

Interverbum Tech, just awarded by the LT-Innovate Award 2012 in June launched a short overview video on its website to learn more about the key features that help make TermWeb the most advanced terminology solution available on the Digital Single Market.