31 May 2012

Kwaga joins LT-Innovate

Kwaga was founded with the vision of combining advanced machine intelligence with a beautiful customer experience to deliver smarter Emails at the right time, in the right place.

Kwaga is making Emails self-aware, so that they communicate their relative importance to you at the right time. Imagine Emails that know that they’ve been forgotten, or should appear just before your flight to Guangzhou, or that it’s an urgent matter! Kwaga’s created the technology and the product hooks to deliver smarter Emails at the right time and in the right place, whether sat at your desk or sprinting in-the-field.

Kwaga is using our semantic know-how to surface this intelligence into existing business platforms, notably inside Google Apps and the iPhone. All of the semantic complexity is beautifully hidden behind interface controls that provide the business user context and actions. For example, Kwaga shakes your iPhone the moment someone’s sent you a last-minute meeting cancellation to help you avoid trudging across Seattle.  

Available from either the Itunes App Store, or the Google Chrome Extensions Marketplace, or theGoogle Apps Marketplace, our cloud-based solutions are available for testing in virtually a single click and remain invisible to Email users inside their normal working environments until the moment assistance and intelligence are required.

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