03 February 2012

LT-Innovate - The Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry

The most diverse environments are being affected by language technologies (LT): from governments (e.g. opening up vast vaults of data to the public), to large enterprises (e.g. keeping track of their reputation in the rich and complex world of social media), to small companies (e.g. localising and selling their products around the world), to individuals (e.g. using their phones as personal speaking translators).

While language technology is converging in some of the most innovative products and services available, the LT industry is fragmented. Evolving from many different disciplines, there are very few bridges to connect innovators in speech, content, and translation – and still fewer to align all these actors with the diverse range of applications for language technology.

Many of the most innovative language technologies available have been developed in the laboratories of European universities and companies, yet today's industry is dominated by a few large companies. LT-Innovate is an opportunity for smaller European companies to come together as a coherent force, to influence the future direction of an industry of high value - and huge potential - for Europe.

LT-Innovate seeks to be the European catalyst for companies involved in developing products and services based on language technology (LT).

Its objectives are:
  • to promote LT as Key Enabling Technologies for Europe
  • to facilitate technology transfer from research to market
  • to enhance the sector's visibility vis-à-vis buyers and investors
  • to prepare the sector's innovation agenda and articulate it vis-à-vis decision-makers
To achieve these goals, LT-Innovate will support its members through a set of services, tools & events facilitating interaction and collaboration.

What are your benefits in taking part in LT-Innovate?
  • Participate in a state of the art web-based platform with technical support that enables you to open lines of communication and collaboration with your environment;
  • Stay abreast of the latest news, views and developments in the European LT scene;
  • Gain access to market analysts who will document the shape of the  emerging LT industry, provide concrete data and forecast future directions;
  • Shape discussions, pursue opportunities, identify needs and solve problems through collaborating in industry-driven Special Interest Groups;
  • Develop meaningful, sustainable interaction scenarios with other key players in the LT value chain, e.g. researchers, buyers/end users, investors…;
  • Provide collective feedback to policy makers at national and European level with regard to their future policies and programmes.

01 February 2012

LT-Innovate Launch in Brussels - 27 January 2012

LT-Innovate - The Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry was launched at a Constitutive Meeting in Brussels on 27 January 2012.

After agreeing the Forum's organisational Charter, the General Assembly appointed the Steering Committee:

Additionally, the following were confirmed as Members of the LT-Innovate Industry Advisory Board:
A workplan was agreed for 2012.