29 June 2012

SYSTRAN joins LT-Innovate

SYSTRAN is the market leading machine translation solutions provider. The company's advanced language translation software helps enterprises and individuals communicate more effectively in multiple languages.
SYSTRAN's software instantly translates text from and into 52 languages for individuals to understand and publish any type of information. Use of SYSTRAN products and solutions increases business productivity in enterprise collaboration, eCommerce, customer support, knowledge management, search, and other initiatives.

Digital Agenda Assembly - Data session - 21-22 June 2012, Brussels

On 21-22 June, the European Commission organised the second Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels. Members of LT-Innovate took part in the session on Data.

 A selection of the best tweets of the session with the hastag #da12data appears on the LT-Innovate website.

28 June 2012

A European survey on the state of the language industry in 2011

DG Translation hosted a forum for the EU language industry on 24 May 2012 to build upon the Language Industry Web Platform (LIND-Web) launch in 2010 and the development work carried out in 2011. As announced during the Forum, the LIND-Web Language Industry Survey is now online and the organisators would encourage you to take a couple of minutes of your time to answer this brief but revealing survey on the state of the language industry in 2011.

26 June 2012

ICT Work Programme 2013

The ICT Work Programme 2013 will be officially published on 13 July 2012. A draft Work Programme 2013 is already availble and shows the main directions: towards Horizon 2020. While adhereing to a large extent to the "old" scheme of challenges and objectives, the numbering changed and some priorities are new or emphasised.

25 June 2012

The LTi News Roundup - 25th June 2012 (part 2)

Weekly news round-up prepared by the Editorial Staff of LangTechNews for LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry.

Voices of/for Customers

We all know about the fashionable concept of ‘voice of the customer’. But how about inventing a ‘voice of the supplier’ or even the physically voiceless? European speech innovators, faced with massive multilinguality and acutely attuned to demographics and dialect, are leading the field in synthesising voices to boost speech interaction. Acapela Group has joined forces with AssistiveWare to provide synthetic children’s voices for those who cannot speak, integrating them into an app for use on phones. At the same time, CereProc has extended its voice portfolio with two new voices of different genders and accents to developers who need to build more personalised voice applications. Like Acapela, CereProc works in the assistive field to help disability, but then builds on this experience to open up its technology to a broader range of applications. As well as the expanding voice market on mobile devices, the e-book phenomenon offers a fast-growing market for text-to-speech applications.

Leveraging the language long tail

Google last week announced funding for a new project (covered in Common Sense Advisory’s Global Watchtower blog) dedicated to saving endangered languages. The idea is to record, collect and manage audio and video data of speakers of these tongues. It forms part of a more global semi-coordinated effort between academia, private foundations and other sponsors to act quickly to preserve this critical component of the human heritage. In a slightly different move, the translation technology facilitator TAUS is taking the lead in ways of generating more translations between as many human languages as possible, including the resource-poor languages that Google will be supporting. One solution is the pivot language strategy that creates new data resources by linking two languages via a common intermediary. Google’s collection effort should be able to help TAUS’ production model by using recorded (and transcribed) data as the basis for training a translation engine. And then swarming the bilingual translation process across many pairs of languages.

Market Byte

Analysts say that UK, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy have turned into nations of digital shopkeepers. They accounted for 60% of the European online retail market last year. But Russia is set to grab 30% of this market by 2016, according to companiesandmarkets.com

The LTi News Roundup - 25th June 2012 (part 1)

Weekly news round-up prepared by the Editorial Staff of LangTechNews for LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry.

Top of the Week: Naturalising the interface. 

After a classic career path from technology start-up to acquisition by an industry major, Swype (a Nuance company since last year) delivered an interesting Beta upgrade this week to its input technology combining speech technology, clever word statistics and keyboarding.
As the population of mobile users explodes, the interface between user and device is becoming ever more critical. Mobile voice assistants made their debut towards the end of 2011 and the strategic battle for quality and language coverage is on-going. Gesture and touch are now being experimented with or manufactured into a variety of personal and collective (e.g. TV) screens.
This latest Swype product, then, packs swyping (predictive text), voicing (speech input), touching, and typing in a single app. It learns from your emails to predict your typed-in words, and also teaches the voice interface (based on Dragon technology) to better prepare for your typical voice input. This takes us one step further down the road towards personalized devices offering more choice to the end-user, and greater leverage of cloud-based machine learning to automate language capabilities,

New Ways to Smarten up Content: There are two basic entry points to ‘intelligent content’

One is access (what smarts will help me find and use existing content of all kinds?), the other is creation (how can I improve my new content so that it integrates as relevantly as possible into global conversations?).
On the creation dimension, the European Commission’s own Joint Research Centre this week announced the availability of its EuroVoc Indexer that automates the categorisation of parliamentary documents in 22 languages. This makes life easier for content curators in large institutions, who do not have to index documents manually: the machine learns what the document is about so that it is then easier to access.
Similarly, the Dutch start-up Silk has developed an application that automatically prepares semantic content for websites. It adds in the relevant metadata and open-data links that turn a website’s content into ready to go “semantic web data” that can be exploited by other semantic tools in this growing content space. A good example of how complex technology can be packaged into user-friendly solutions for everyday publishers of digital content.
Along the access dimension, the Barcelona company Cognicor has innovated with a new application for automating the processing of low-value complaints. Customer complaints form a genre of user-generated content that is soaring in volume as commercial enterprises of all kinds open up their websites to customer feedback. Cognicor’s idea is to relieve busy contact centre agents by automating the entire process of understanding a complaint, checking its validity and even negotiating some form of compensation. This means using semantics in various interesting ways to interpret the language of the complaint.

ICT Work Programme 2013 approved

The EC programme committee approved the IT work programme for 2013. It is expected that the EC approves in on 7 July and that it will be published on 10 July. 
Challenge 4 which contains the objectives relevant for the Language Technology industry can be accessed here (link to up-loaded doc; the doc needs to be named: Challenge 4 DRAFT)

Language Technologies at DAA Session on Data and Plenary

On 21 June, the Digital Agenda Assembly's Session on Data discussed the role that Language Technologies may play in accessing and adding value to data. The panel, moderated by Roberto Cencioni of the European Commission, consisted of Jochen Hummel, chairman of LT-Innovate and CEO of ESTeam, Matthias Heyn (SDL), Josef von Genabith  (DCU, Ireland) and Andrejs Vassiljevs (TILDE, Latvia). 

Summarised in the plenary meeting at the European Parliament on Friday 22 June, the main two messages distilled from the data session regarding Language Technologies were: 
a) Turning  the diversity of Europe  into an asset vis-à-vis competition in world markets; 
b) Language as a missing element to complete the Single Digital Market. 
Both issues are at the core of the work of LT-Innovate. 

20 June 2012

LT-Innovative Summit: what is the next step?

The first LT-Innovate Summit gathered Language Technology stakeholders, for extensive knowledge sharing and best practice exchange. During the Summit, innovation potentials in the fields of iEnterprise, iServices, iHealth, iHelpers and iSkills were presented, barriers inhibiting these potentials were identified, solutions to overcome these barriers were developed and the benefits of LT in each of the aforementioned fields were outlined. During the closing panel, Ruben Riestra, Senior Advisor of LT-Innovate, highlighted that further development of the European LT sector can be achieved through fostering attractiveness for LT vendors’ services, unleashing growth potential, leveraging usage of key resources, acting within and beyond Europe and delivering value to all stakeholders.

LT-Innovate Award 2012: 12 winners from the LT community

The first LT-Innovation Summit culminated in the LT-Innovate Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner. The Award Ceremony was opened by Dr. Margaretha Mazura, Secretary General of EMF-The Forum of E-Excellence. Mrs Mazura warmly welcomed the audience and then passed the floor to Amelia Andersdotter, Seán Kelly and Katarina Nevedalová, Members of the European Parliament to present the LT-Innovate trophies to the winners. The Winners were introduced by William Stevens, CEO of Europe Unlimited.

The Winners

The 12 best presentations of the LT Innovate Showcases were awarded the LT-Innovate trophy during the Award Ceremony. Here are the 12 Winners:

Three Members of the European Parliament honour the Winners

The LT-Innovate trophy was presented to the winners by Amelia Andersdotter, Katarina Nevedalová and Seán Kelly, Members of the European Parliament. The aforementioned MEPs highlighted the importance of Languages and Language Technologies in the multicultural environment of Europe.

LT-Innovate Summit 2012: 31 Showcases & 6 Innovation Focus sessions

Innovation Focus Sessions

LT stakeholders demonstrated the potential for innovation in LT in the following fields: iEnterprise, iServices, iHealth, iHelpers and iSkills. During the last Innovation Focus Session “Innovative Partnering and Collaborative Projects”, Mr Kimmo Rossi, representative of DG INFSO of the European Commission, presented future opportunities for further development of the LT sector through upcoming Calls for Proposals, within the FP7 programme. 

LT-Innovate Showcases

36 LT companies presented their activities in front of an audience and an Expert Jury. Having previously completed an online profile, LT-Innovate Award applicants made an onsite presentation of 8 minutes followed by 7 minutes of Q & A from the audience. An Expert Jury rated each presentation based on the following criteria: innovativeness - business potential - team experience - competitive position - investment or partnering interest - project profile quality. Based on the results of the Jury’s evaluation, the winners of the LT-Innovate Awards 2012 were designated and celebrated at the Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner.

The Expert Jury

The Expert Jury was composed of major players involved in LT with a solid background and experience in the development of innovative practices in the LT arena. The Expert Jury rated each presentation based on the following criteria: Innovativeness - Business potential - Team experience - Competitive position - Investment or partnering interest - Project profile quality. The 12 best presentations received the LT-Innovate Award during the Award Ceremony.

The first European LT-Innovate Summit was a success!

On 19 June 2012, Brussels was the meeting point for LT-Innovate members and representatives from the Language Technology Industry. The first LT-Innovate Summit brought together all major players involved in Language Technology (LT) such as vendors and buyers, experts and investors, researchers and policy makers, enhancing the visibility of the fragmented European LT landscape and highlighting the importance of LT as a key enabling technology for Europe. Participants had the opportunity to network, discuss needs, strategies, innovation opportunities and business trends.

Main features

The main features of the LT Innovate Summit were the following:
  • Discussion sessions with topics related to the state and future of the LT industry in Europe;
  • Innovation Focus Sessions in which LT value-chain stakeholders demonstrated the potential for innovation in LT and how LT can become key enabling technology for industrial competitiveness and social challenges;
  • LT-Innovate Showcases which allowed companies involved in developing products and services in LT to present their activities in front of an audience and a Jury of experts. The best presentations from each session were selected to receive the LT-Innovate Award;
  • LT-Innovate Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner during which the best presentations received the LT-Innovate Award. The Award Ceremony was held under the auspices of Amelia Andersdotter, Seán Kelly and Katarina Nevedalová, Members of the European Parliament. 

18 June 2012

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Earnest D. Paylor II from WorldTech International

Dr. Paylor is President of WorldTech International, LLC. Prior to this, he was CTO and Vice President of WorldTech, Inc, the Program Director and Senior Advisor for Interagency Programs in the Office of the Special Assistant and NASA Liaison to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration. Additionally, as a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientist and program manager, he provided scientific leadership for a number of successful international space-borne and airborne science missions, and research and development programs. His record also includes national and international liaison and senior policy advisor/committee roles, and the development and oversight of internationally recognized centers of excellence for science and technology. He holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles. 

WorldTech International is a unique information service and systems development company that specializes in international technology scouting, intelligence, and assessments. The intent is to bring new, innovative technologies to the attention of public and private sector customers, Government agencies in particular, for the purpose of research funding, licensing or purchase to fulfill mission needs. Additionally WTI creates technology knowledge portals enabling customers to identify technologies (or companies) that meet their requirements; the New Technology Opportunity Network (NEWTON) is the premier product in this regard. WorldTech International has a growing network of partners and SME’s throughout the world, including Europe, Australia, Asia/South Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012. 

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Tom Tourwé from Sirris

Tom is a software & ICT researcher and technology advisor at Sirris. He is particularly interested in large-scale data processing & analysis and context-sensitive & pro-active decision support technologies. He participates in several European industry-driven R&D projects on these topics. Before joining Sirris, Tom obtained his PhD degree from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium in 2001, was a post-doctoral researcher at the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands until 2006, and was an assistant professor at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), The Netherlands in 2007.

Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry, helps companies to introduce technological innovation enabling them to strengthen their competitive position. 

Sirris, the joint research centre for the technology industry in Belgium, is a private collective research centre founded in 1949 by Agoria, the multi-sector federation for the Belgian technology industry. SIRRIS has about 2500 member companies, which range from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational companies (>95% SME’s), active in 13 technological sectors including Information & Communication Technology. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness of its member companies through technology and innovation. Sirris has currently 140 employees focusing on knowledge acquisition (applied research), knowledge transfer (industrial projects) and awareness creation.

More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012.

15 June 2012

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Marcus Polke from Acton Capital Partners

Marcus Polke is an Investment Director at Acton Capital Partners. He contributes in-depth operational expertise in the online and particularly e-commerce business to the Acton team. In 2007, Marcus joined Burda Digital Ventures (BDV) - the corporate venture team at global media company Hubert Burda Media, who were to found Acton Capital Partners soon after. Prior to that. he was a Managing Director of BDV's portfolio company AbeBooks Europe (2005-2007), which was in 2008 sold to Amazon. Between 2001 and 2005 he led all e-commerce activities at AOL Germany. From 1998-2001, Marcus was one of Amazon.de's first employees, building up product management and leading two product lines. He started his career at German media company Axel Springer after obtaining a degree in Economics and Management at the Technical University of Berlin and completing a banking apprenticeship at Berliner Bank AG.

Acton Capital Partners is a Munich based investment firm investing in consumer-oriented businesses within internet and wireless. Currently Acton Capital is managing two funds: The first fund comprises the former Burda Digital Ventures portfolio. The second fund targets later stage companies with an established track record. In this fund Acton is looking for internet and mobile companies which want to take their growth opportunities to the next level, primarily in Europe but as well abroad.

More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012.

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Gerhard Budin from The Center for Translation Studies

Gerhard Budin is full professor for terminology studies and translation technologies at the Centre of Translation Studies (CTS) at the University of Vienna. He is director of the Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology (ICLTT) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a member (kM) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He is Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair for Multilingual, Transcultural Communication in the Digital Age. His research interests and areas of teaching include language technologies, corpus linguistics, and knowledge engineering, E-Learning technologies, distributed digital research environments, terminology studies, ontology engineering, cognitive systems, cross-cultural knowledge communication and knowledge organization. For the last 25 years Gerhard Budin has been active in national, European, and international research projects in the areas mentioned above. Gerhard Budin is Chair of a technical sub-committee in the International Standards Organization (ISO).

The Center for Translation Studies engages in research and teaching across all forms of professionally produced communication across linguistic and cultural barriers. Translation Studies as an interdisciplinary oriented research specialist and taught in the subareas * Translation Studies * Interpreting * Terminology and science * Cross-cultural communication.

More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012.

Alchemy Software Development joins LT-Innovate

Alchemy Software Development is the world's foremost and recognized localization technology provider. 80% of the world's largest software companies use Alchemy products to accelerate entry to international markets, improving revenue growth opportunities and reducing their costs.
With over 25,000 licenses worldwide, Alchemy Software Development is the dominant visual localization technology among professional development companies, localization service providers and global technology leaders such as Siemens, Corel, Philips, Canon, JD Edwards, VistaTec, Lionbridge and SDL.
Alchemy's technology is designed to boost the efficiency and quality of globalizing software products and is used by software development and globalization companies worldwide. With over 25,000 licenses installed worldwide, Alchemy CATALYST product is used by translators, software engineers, quality assurance specialists and project managers and is referred to as the Gold Standard in Localization.
Alchemy has led the localization technology since it’s formation with the first XML based solution, the first visual technology, the first to offer plug in components, the first fully endorsed Trados integration and the first engineering tools for localization layout.

Alchemy Software Development website

13 June 2012

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Luis Galveias from EBAN

Luis Galveias is project manager of EBAN, the European trade body for early stage investors since 2010. Previously Luis was based in Lisbon working for the venture catalyst Gesventure, the Business Angel Club and the national federation of business angels FNABA. Luis Galveias is the Project Manager for EBAN. Working mostly on the ACCESS ICT( ICT Finance MarketPlace initiative, he also supports EBAN's research projects and events. Luis has been working in the early stage financing industry since 2004 when he joined the Portuguese venture catalyst Gesventure, the Business Angels Club and the national business angels federation FNABA. He has been involved with a wide range of national and international initiatives such as the National Business Angels Week (FNABA), the EBAN Congress 2007, the Business Angels Leaders Forum (kick-start for WBAA) and the EASY Project. Currently living in Luxembourg, his academic background is in Economics and holds a Master in Marketing.

Established in 1999 by a group of pioneer angel networks in Europe with the collaboration of the European Commission and EURADA, EBAN reaches out to 300 groups, 20.000 angels and 40.000 entrepreneurs. EBAN serves business angels, business angel networks, seed funds and other early stage investment professionals across Europe through the following pillars of activity:

• Stay on top of trends in the early stage investment market in Europe
• Build new relationships, new business opportunities by networking with peers across borders.
• Get answers to day-to-day challenges: don’t reinvent the wheel, we might have the solution!
• Access our resource center and get ongoing capacity building opportunities
• Be represented under one voice representing the interests of early stage investors near European policy makers.

More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012.

LT-innovate @ Digital Agenda Assembly, 21/22 June in Brussels

Representative of LT-Innovate will participate in the Digital Agenda Assembly held on 21/22 June 2012 in Brussels. The session on "Data" will explore the potential of data, some of the most promising economic and business aspects involved, and discuss how policy for data and our investment in R&D can better address the challenges of businesses and the public sector and further support innovative business development. LT is one enabler of access to and exploration of data across all language barriers.

Follow this Digital Agenda Assembly on twitter : #da12

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Hans Rijckenberg from Sapience

Hans Rijckenberg is professionally active since 1988 in the fields of policy innovation, knowledge transfer and regional development. The European Commission has been inviting him for multiple projects, evaluations and assignments. Recently he has been working as Secretary General of ProTon Europe. In 2010 he was appointed as Member of the European Expert Panel on Service Innovation and Panel Representative for the theme Smart Economic Growth. 

Sapience ’00 BV is a private consultancy company that is specialized in innovation policy evaluation, knowledge transfer services and regional economic development. Through our experience and holistic approach we are invited to provide strategic advice for inventors, innovators and investors. Our customer base represents a range of international clients amongst whom the European Commission, national ministries, urban and regional development organizations, science and technology parks, innovation agencies, public research organizations, knowledge transfer associations, corporate laboratories, start-up and spin-off companies, venture capitalists, private equity, as well as non-profit and charity organizations.

12 June 2012

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Laurence Garrett from Highland Capital Partners

As a General Partner on Highland’s European team, Laurence Garrett primarily focuses on venture growth opportunities in the information technology sector for the European market. Prior to joining Highland, Laurence spent over 14 years in venture capital with 3i. He left 3i as head of the European technology team and a member of the 3i venture leadership team. He was responsible for investments in several communication and technology companies producing realized returns of overthree times invested capital. Laurence’s investments include: CSR plc (IPO), UbiNetics Ltd (acquired by Aeroflex Inc), Trigenix Ltd (sold to Qualcomm Inc), Ezurio Ltd (acquired by Laird Technologies plc), Icera Inc, Cambridge Semiconductor Ltd and Insensys Ltd (acquired by Moog Inc). Laurence began his career with Deloitte working in their Leeds and San Francisco offices.

At Highland Capital Partners, we have always been focused on one goal: to help great people build great companies. Since our inception in 1988, we have invested in over 200 seed, early and growth stage companies – 90 of which have gone public or been acquired to date. We emphasize a team-oriented approach in providing the right mix of strategic guidance, hands-on leadership and deep industry domain expertise in helping entrepreneurs and their teams to become market-leading organizations.

Jury Member for LT-Innovate Awards: Arturo Quintero from Moravia

Arturo Quintero is co-owner and Chief Corporate Strategist at Moravia IT, a provider of localization and testing services for the IT industry. Moravia's HQ is located in Brno, Czech Republic, with worldwide offices in the USA, Asia and across Europe. Arturo has been an active member of the industry for many years and has had direct involvement in many industry initiatives and events. Currently he is a member of the board of directors of TILP, the Institute of Localization Professionals in Ireland and helps other non-profit associations in an advisory role. Arturo's company was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2000 by Ernst and Young in the Czech Republic, based on the company's outstanding results. Arturo was born in Mexico, studied Astronomy in Krakow, Poland, and currently lives and works in the Czech Republic. 
Moravia Worldwide is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, and life sciences industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia's solutions include localization, product testing, internationalization, multilingual publishing, technical translation, content creation, machine translation, and workflow consulting. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland, USA and throughout Europe.
More information about the Jury Members for LT-Innovate Awards 2012.

11 June 2012

Creative Virtual joins LT-Innovate

Creative Virtual has over 10 years experience working with virtual assistant natural language web applications. In that time it has built more than 100 solutions for brands including Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Asda, O2, Verizon and Intuit. 
The V-Person™ solution that Creative Virtual has evolved over these years, together with its delivery and on-going maintenance methodologies, make it one of the most compelling web self-service products in the world today. And as its customers will confirm, no one has quite the same passion, enthusiasm and drive to help brands and their customers form better, and mutually beneficial relationships through the use of technology.
A V-Person is capable of holding conversations with digital users in real time, 24/7. For users it means the sensation of communicating with a 'real' person able not only to answer their questions, but also to understand the context of those questions and even hold entire conversations.

Creative Virtual website
Creative Virtual profile on LT-innovate
LT-Innovate members list

Lingvistica joins LT-Innovate

Lingvistica is one of the world leaders in supplying off-the-shelf and custom-made linguistic resources for various applications, such as web-search engines, spell-checkers (text spellers), dictionary look-up, word search, translation memory, language learning, automatic translation.
Lingvistica develops and supplies to its customers all over the world the following  language resources:
- wordlists
- dictionaries
- thesaurus dictionaries (semantic thesauri)
- dictionary sound files
- dictionary text files

Weblib joins LT-Innovate

Weblib search engine is a domain independent intelligent indexing and search solution built on the top of open source Solr/Lucene enterprise search platform enhanced by its own innovative solutions (e.g. natural language processing applications and the state of the art Web Knowledge Base).
Weblib provides its users with a simple search interface that makes complex queries dead simple. Users can choose the right tool to find the best results only after executing the query – this one way gets simply complex results.

Weblib has been breathing search technologies for 10 years now. Constant development is a priority due to supporting the most efficient services for its partners and to search and apply the most up-to-date techniques. Among its development team it has senior members that have been co-developing with it for five, six years. 

Gavagai joins LT-Innovate

Gavagai, inspired by a thought experiment by the Harvard philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine (1908 - 2000) was formed in 2008 by Magnus Sahlgren and Jussi Karlgren, based on over ten years of research in computation, linguistics and cognitive science at SICS, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Gavagai develops automated and scalable methods for retrieving actionable intelligence from dynamic data. With its high performance dynamic text analytics system, Ethersource, Gavagai retrieves actionable intelligence from dynamic data. 

Ethersource monitors dynamic text streams, detects useful signals, learns new concepts as they evolve, and captures actionable intelligence. Ethersource, in commercial customer use since May 2011, is currently used to track market mood with respect to tradable assets; to assess level of security threat to targets at risk; and to monitor consumer sentiment with respect to brands.
Ethersource is designed to be a base technology for immediate deployment in any information system which relies on the analysis of large streams of text or other symbolic data in application areas such as search, big data analysis, enterprise data warehousing, associative advertising, social media analysis, deep packet inspection, or word-of-mouth marketing.

Gavagai website
Gavagai profile on LT-innovate
LT-Innovate members list

MemSource joins LT-Innovate

MemSource Technologies develops cloud translation software. It is an offshoot of a Charles University research project started in 2006 with the Globalization Department of Sun Microsystems, today part of Oracle. Its operations are based in Prague, the Czech Republic.
In early 2011 MemSource has launched the first version of its new product, MemSource Cloud, a cloud-based translation environment. It comprises centralized translation memory, terminology, and project management.
MemSource Cloud is primarily web-based but it also includes a light-weight desktop CAT tool, MemSource Editor, which is one of the very few workbenches that can run also on Macintosh and Linux besides Windows. A private cloud offering is also available, branded as MemSource Server.

MultiCorpora Empowers Buyers of Translation with Newest Version of MultiTrans Prism

MultiCorpora, an international provider of industry-leading translation technology solutions, has announced the release of MultiTrans Prism version 5.5 at the Localization World conference. MultiTrans Prism 5.5 is a translation management system that ushers in a new era for the translation industry by offering translation buyers three levels of control over the process of outsourcing translations or handling them in- house.

Although the current version of MultiTrans Prism already offers translation buyers control over the management of their translation assets and projects, the new MultiTrans Prism Web Editing Server featured in Prism 5.5 significantly extends control to the management of translation processes specifically in areas relating to traceability, confidentiality, and productivity. Web-based access licenses for contributors throughout the translation supply chain may automatically be granted and revoked as projects proceed through stages from inception to conclusion without the actual content ever leaving the secure server. MultiTrans Prism 5.5 can be fully integrated with content management systems and, with its new reporting capabilities, the buyer has a complete view over translation business management.

“MultiTrans Prism 5.5 is a game changer in the language industry because individuals responsible for translation budgets will be able to optimize the translation process. They get peace of mind knowing that the latest translation assets are automatically and fully leveraged, that projects and timelines are tracked and monitored, that the translation activities are centralized and totally secure, and that their resources are using the most updated versions of translation and revision tools. This version strengthens the business management functionality that is part of MultiTrans Prism's Flow module,” said MultiCorpora CEO, Pierre Blais. “Customers who have already seen our sneak- peak previews are very excited about the new functionality and versatility of MultiTrans Prism 5.5.”

3DS Exalead joins LT-Innovate

Founded in 2000 by search engine pioneers, 3DS Exalead is a global provider of information access software for the enterprise and the Webr of information access software for the enterprise and the Web.

In the enterprise and across the Internet, over 110 million people worldwide rely on Exalead CloudView® to intuitively search, explore, and analyze information. Why? Because Exalead CloudView is uniquely capable of gathering, aligning and enriching mountains of data – whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex – and delivering that information in a way that makes instant sense to users in their own context, anywhere, anytime. Exalead CloudView is the unified information access platform that powers all Exalead solutions, from the company’s public WWW search engine (the world’s 4th largest) to its enterprise search deployments and its custom and vertical Search-Based Applications. The Exalead ii Solutions are workflow-specific Search-Based Applications that transform large volumes of diverse, siloed data into real-time information intelligence (“ii”), and deliver that information intelligence in context to users to improve business processes.

08 June 2012

Semantic Web Company joins LT-Innovate

Nowadays, knowledge workers deal with huge amounts of information. Their daily business is to analyse documents and data records, extract essential parts from them to mash and interlink this with other information pieces. 
The Semantic Web Company experts have been working since more than 10 years on branch neutral methods and software tools to support customers using the resource information more efficiently. PoolParty product family supports your information management: metadata management based on open semantic web standards, semantic enterprise search & high-performance text mining as well as data integration based on linked data technologies.

Semantic Web Company website
Semantic Web Company profile on LT-innovate
LT-Innovate members list

TranslateMedia joins LT-Innovate

TranslateMedia has passed successive quality audits and in 2010 was ranked in the top 10 fastest growing digital media & technology companies in Europe. It develops its own translation management technology that allows it to focus on providing a top quality customer experience. 

TranslateMedia work for leading name clients in a diverse range of industry sectors, bringing its translation management expertise and its international network of professional linguists to give everyone a better deal. It operates internationally as a series of wholly owned subsidiaries.

Jibbigo joins LT-Innovate

Jibbigo was built on two decades of the most advanced scientific research in speech and language processing at Mobile Technologies and now brings this state-of-the art speech translation technology to your mobile device or tablet. Mobile Technologies and Jibbigo maintain a strong research collaboration with InterACT, the International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies (www.is.cs.cmu.edu), at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
Jibbigo is a state‐of‐the‐art, bidirectional speech translation application.  It is the only mobile voice translator app which does not need a data connection to operate.  Jibbigo offers a 40,000+ word vocabulary, and award‐winning speech recognition and statistical machine translation.  Jibbigo.net, a server‐based model, is in the process of being released and refined.

NICE Joins LT-Innovate

NICE Systems, is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.

Driven by cross-channel and multi-sensor analytics, NICE solutions enable organizations to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and enhance safety and security. NICE serves over 25,000 organizations in the enterprise and security sectors, representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 150 countries, and including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies. NICE has about 3100 employees and revenues in 2012 are expected to reach $930-950M. 

37 Companies showcasing at LT-Innovate Summit

The Selection Committee has selected 37 promising companies to showcase their innovative ideas at the LT-Innovate Summit on the 19th of June. To learn more about all the companies presenting at LT-Innovate, look at the website.

07 June 2012

Lesson Nine joins LT-Innovate

Lesson Nine GmbH operates a language learning Website www.babbel.com. It provides features for social networking and vocabulary building tools in French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German. The company’s tutorials offer learning exercises, including fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choices. Lesson Nine GmbH was founded in 2007 and is based in Berlin, Germany.
Babbel is a comprehensive system that combines effective language learning methods with state-of-the-art technology. With courses in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese Babbel blends social networking with vocabulary-developing and sentence-building tools. Babbel's system manages the content for review until the material has been mastered; game-like multimedia trainers offer exercise applications that last about 2-5 minutes.

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Vecsys joins LT-Innovate

Vecsys was founded in 1979 and from the beginning It has had a very close cooperation in the speech processing domain with the LIMSI, a laboratory of the French National Scientific Research Agency (CNRS). It designs, produces, and markets products belonging to two complementary sectors : Automatic Speech Processing and Industrial Teleprocessing. 

The competence of the Vecsys Automatic Speech Processing Department covers the full range of speech technologies, and more particularly speech recognition and speaker identification. 

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Transinsight joins LT-Innovate

The name Transinsight stands for gaining insight through transparency. Its philosophy is therefore to allow customers as much insight into its procedures as possible. It faithfully follows this philosophy with its products as well. In the search technology used in Transinsight's Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite it doesn't rank results using an opaque algorithm.

ESI is a search technology for enterprises. It is easy to use and helps the user to intelligently find the right information. ESI is a software platform for individual solutions in the area of semantic search and knowledge management. The system is completely modular. It provides a high degree of flexibility which makes it easy to implement single components in different environments.
Enterprise Semantic Intelligence is highly scalable and is designed for thousands concurrent. More resources can be integrated in the system using our ESI cloud solution.

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LT companies: apply for the European Seal of e-Excellence 2013!

Many companies from the Language Technology sector are applying to the European Seal of e-Excellence 2013 organised by EMF and its partners. This distinction recognizes every year ICT and digital media companies with an excellent track record in the marketing of innovation.

Last Year, members of LT-innovate such as Inbenta or Lingosaur won the Seal : «We are very proud of being distinguished. To be a platinum winner of the European Seal of e-Excellence is a relevant recognition of our company, our work, and effort. Many thanks to the jury and we hope that in the future we will improve our level of innovation in marketing in order to apply to the next award editions.» Julio Prada, Director of Inbenta, winners of the Platinium European Seal of e-Excellence 2012.

By focusing on the marketing aspects of digital products and services, the European Seal of e-Excellence helps winners promote themselves in the worldwide market.

06 June 2012

UK government : Open Data Institute (ODI) to build Ecosystem around Semantic Web

The UK government has solidified plans to create an Open Data Institute (ODI) that could be open by September of this year. It aims to support start-ups and small businesses using publicly available datasets so that to have a positive effect on economic growth. It plans also to involve businesses, the public sector and academic institutions with this ODI and then  hopes that it will serve to support greater cooperation, integration and bridge building between them as well as the ability to better exploit economic opportunities around open data. For developing this initiative, the government has been helped by the government’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board and has committed up to £10 million over five years to support the institute. It is hoped this will be a precursor to matched funding from the private sector.

"We are at the very beginning of the journey. We have an incorporated company, a promise of funds and a huge challenge. We are as yet only three people - but over the course of the next four months we will recruit great staff, procure exciting premises and launch an ambitious programme of work. We are publishing our implementation plan that sets out initial priorities along with a more detailed business plan that details our programme of work and the projected costs," the ODI said on its website this week.

Also announced was the ODI’s Jump Start scheme for UK students. The ODI will provide technical and business support for ultra early start-ups that have significant open data potential and offer them an opportunity to develop their business ideas with the support of the ODI for up to a year. "We will be a place that develops the very best UK talents in open data. A focal point where current and future entrepreneurs and developers, technologists and creatives meet, share ideas, make things happen and drive growth." said ODI.

Expert System announces the latest release of its Cogito semantic technology that takes Big Data management to the next level

Expert System, the semantic software company, member of LT-innovate, announces the latest release of its Cogito semantic technology, fortified with features to better support management of Big Data.

Given the quantity and diversity of information available, organizations need tools that provide a comprehensive view, not just single data points. Thanks to the ability to understand words in context, Cogito tackles the growing amount of unstructured information that often goes unanalyzed, but, when properly managed, can be the tipping point for competitive advantage. “The advantage of a semantic approach is its ability to provide access to unstructured information that, when integrated into your existing data, adds great depth and insight.” said Luca Scagliarini, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. 

The newest release of Cogito supports complex decision making by accessing all of the data available inside and outside the organization.