24 September 2013

Bitext: Sentiment Analysis industry: accuracy and evaluation.

Bitext, member of LT-Innovate, is organizing a presentation in San Francisco on 2 October 2013 on "The Sentiment Analysis industry: accuracy and evaluation." 

Spain-based Bitext will discuss the following questions:

  • How can I provide accurate results to my clients? 
  • How does accuracy correlates with achieving business goals? 
  • How can I evaluate or measure these results? 
  • What kind of tool can answer all these issues: being accurate and fulfilling business goals?

More information on this event on the dedicated page.

19 September 2013

ABBYY Language Services Delivers New Cloud-based Solution for Terminology Management in Companies

Moscow, Russia (September 19, 2013)ABBYY Language Services, a hi-tech provider of localization services and translation technologies, announces the release of the beta version of Lingvo.Pro, a new online solution for terminology management to improve translation processes at international companies. ABBYY Lingvo.Pro expands the language technologies market with new cloud-based terminology management solution for all types of translation resources: corporate glossaries, dictionaries and Translation memories.

Lingvo.Pro is an intuitive, easy-to-use terminology management system built on linguistic technologies by ABBYY Language Services. Market research by ABBYY LS showed that companies in almost all industries run into the same problems in translation: existing solutions were unable to quickly display relevant terminology and systematically guarantee proper implementation of terminology for translation and localization projects.

Lingvo.Pro overhauls and simplifies the work of translators, offering easy access to corporate terminology and ensuring that terms are consistently used across company departments. The new cloud-based solution is a convenient and efficient tool for managing the linguistic assets of a company. It facilitates the consistent use of corporate terminology and, thus, increases the quality of translations and reduces editing and revision expenses.

The core advantage of Lingvo.Pro over existing technologies is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface: no installation or training is necessary to start using Lingvo.Pro. The product offers financial and quality benefits to both mid-sized and large businesses that work with multilingual documentation. 

Inclusion of all types of translation inputs guarantees the best results for corporate terminology, which is why Lingvo.Pro allows leveraging almost all formats of corporate glossaries, dictionaries and Translation memory. For better performance, the cloud-based solution can be integrated with CAT software and content management systems as well.

“For anyone who creates multilingual content and manages information, having centralized, well-defined terminology is crucial for accurate translations, as international companies have found out. The most challenging part is automating the term creation and updating processes with minimal effort, and making sure that the terminology is actually used by all of the company's employees, freelance translators and translation providers,” described Ivan Smolnikov, CEO of ABBYY Language Services. “Complicated, unwieldy terminology solutions require substantial expenses for installation and training. Lingvo.Pro is designed to be different: simple and efficient.”

The solution does not require installation on a user’s computer and can be easily accessed by as many users as needed regardless of their location. It serves a crucial component in automating the translation process and allows companies to leverage the most out of the existing linguistic assets.

The beta version of Lingvo.Pro is available for trial use, free of charge, until the end of the year 2013. For more information about the software and how to use it, visit www.lingvo.pro.

About ABBYY Language Services

ABBYY Language Services offers localization services and technological solutions enabling businesses to go global. The company provides localization into over 80 languages as well as helps streamline multilingual content maintenance by means of translation workflow automation and cutting-edge linguistic solutions. ABBYY Language Services provides comprehensive language support to more than 2,500 companies worldwide, including 25 companies from the Top 100 Global Brands and 35 Fortune 500 companies. 

ABBYY Language Services is part of the ABBYY Group, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies and services. Its products include the ABBYY FineReader line of optical character recognition (OCR) applications, ABBYY FlexiCapture line of data capture solutions, ABBYY Lingvo dictionary software, and development tools.

Media Contacts

Anna Sidorova/ Head of Marketing
ABBYY Language Services

Phone: +7 495 783 37 00
Fax: +7 495 783 26 63

17 September 2013

TEMIS Selects immixGroup as its Master Distributor for U.S. Government Accounts

immixGroup will help TEMIS bring its semantic enrichment technology to the U.S. Government.

New York, NY – September 17, 2013 TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, announced today that immixGroup will represent TEMIS for public sector supply schedules making procurement for federal organizations simple, fast and economical. This partnership allows TEMIS channel partners access to supply schedules and enables Federal agencies to unlock unstructured content as part of the President Barak Obama directive to Federal agencies on open data.

"We are excited to open new markets for TEMIS in the Federal space. The potential for TEMIS' market in the public sector is impressive," said Art Richer, President of immixGroup. "Our unique platform of services including strategic demand creation activities and distribution services will give TEMIS partners the resources they need to grow their business, while government agencies will enjoy reliable access to TEMIS products through their preferred contracts and solution providers."

TEMIS' flagship Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, the recipient of the SIIA's 2013 CODiE Award for Best Semantic Technology Platform, is based on patented natural language processing technology that recognizes and extracts relevant items of information hidden in plain text, such as entities, relationships, topics and categories and enriches content with domain-specific metadata. Luxid® helps organizations to efficiently structure their unstructured information assets, to package and deliver targeted, relevant information to their stakeholders, and to enable the analysis, discovery and sharing of actionable insights to optimize their business.

"As we experienced at the recent White House Data Jam on Open Data, there is a major need for semantic enrichment to unlock government content that has been hard to find, much less manage," said Guillaume Mazieres, TEMIS Executive Vice President for North America. "Our Luxid® platform has proven how unstructured content can reveal critical information, from money laundering to scientific research. In immixGroup, we have found a partner with the integrity, depth and vigor to engage the Federal market place with TEMIS."

About immixGroup, Inc.

immixGroup helps technology companies do business with the government. immixGroup's unique platform of services enables software and hardware manufacturers and their channel partners to grow their public sector business and accelerate the sales cycle. Since 1997, immixGroup has delivered the specialized resources and expertise these companies need to increase their revenue, support their demand creators, and operate efficiently. And government agencies trust immixGroup to provide leading commercial technology products through their preferred contracts and business partners.

05 September 2013

A Manifesto for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Power Growth in the EU

The European heads of state and government will meet in Brussels end of October to discuss the European digital single market. This offers the opportunity to put the spotlight on tech startups, which play a critical role for growth and innovation but are sometimes overlooked by policy makers.

Leading entrepreneurs have put forward a manifesto for entrepreneurship and innovation to power growth in the EU. It contains 20 actions, which taken together, can give European businesses the best chance of future success.

Everybody can make a difference by supporting the Manifesto and by helping to create a strong voice for the tech communities in Europe, asking for policy action. 
A dedicated website: http://startupmanifesto.eu/ has been created to collect signatures for this Manifesto.