03 May 2012

Cascaad joins LT-Innovate

Cascaad was founded in 2008 with the goal of making the online experience more personal and relevant. Their vision is to develop breakthrough discovery technology and products that can leverage social signals and individual interests to create better information consumption experiences. Cascaad is the company behind the consumer product : CircleMe. CircleMe is an inspiring social way to collect all your likes and discover new ones.
Cascaad focuses on developing technologies which allow to consume content online in a more personalized way. Cascaad’s technologies help the right content find users through a deep analysis on social graphs and social stream activity to create a current semantically-rich interest profile and social sphere of influence for a person, that can then be used to surface personally relevant content and ads.
Since establishment, Cascaad launched the following products: 

1) Cascaad Reader (web and iOS) 
2) Splice 

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