07 June 2012

Transinsight joins LT-Innovate

The name Transinsight stands for gaining insight through transparency. Its philosophy is therefore to allow customers as much insight into its procedures as possible. It faithfully follows this philosophy with its products as well. In the search technology used in Transinsight's Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite it doesn't rank results using an opaque algorithm.

ESI is a search technology for enterprises. It is easy to use and helps the user to intelligently find the right information. ESI is a software platform for individual solutions in the area of semantic search and knowledge management. The system is completely modular. It provides a high degree of flexibility which makes it easy to implement single components in different environments.
Enterprise Semantic Intelligence is highly scalable and is designed for thousands concurrent. More resources can be integrated in the system using our ESI cloud solution.

Transinsight website
Transinsight profile on LT-innovate
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