01 June 2012

Irish Start-Up Sindice To Develop Value-based Semantic Web Technologies

Based at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) in Galway, SindiceTech is developing new internet technologies based around advanced data management for enterprises. The company, a spin-out of NUI Galway, was set up by Giovanni Tummarello and Renaud Delbru with a team in DERI last year. 
Eight people are now working with SindiceTech and the company is looking to add three more. "Previous attempts of commercialising general semantic web technology have not focused in on the value and have failed," said Tummarello. "The alchemy here is combining large data processing capabilities with some of the principles of the semantic web, which have matured now and are an appealing value proposition for knowledge intensive technologies." 

SindiceTech helps large enterprises build their own strategic linked data clouds. The company was originally developed out of a research project around a search engine for the semantic web. 

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