06 June 2012

Expert System announces the latest release of its Cogito semantic technology that takes Big Data management to the next level

Expert System, the semantic software company, member of LT-innovate, announces the latest release of its Cogito semantic technology, fortified with features to better support management of Big Data.

Given the quantity and diversity of information available, organizations need tools that provide a comprehensive view, not just single data points. Thanks to the ability to understand words in context, Cogito tackles the growing amount of unstructured information that often goes unanalyzed, but, when properly managed, can be the tipping point for competitive advantage. “The advantage of a semantic approach is its ability to provide access to unstructured information that, when integrated into your existing data, adds great depth and insight.” said Luca Scagliarini, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. 

The newest release of Cogito supports complex decision making by accessing all of the data available inside and outside the organization.

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