20 June 2012

LT-Innovate Summit 2012: 31 Showcases & 6 Innovation Focus sessions

Innovation Focus Sessions

LT stakeholders demonstrated the potential for innovation in LT in the following fields: iEnterprise, iServices, iHealth, iHelpers and iSkills. During the last Innovation Focus Session “Innovative Partnering and Collaborative Projects”, Mr Kimmo Rossi, representative of DG INFSO of the European Commission, presented future opportunities for further development of the LT sector through upcoming Calls for Proposals, within the FP7 programme. 

LT-Innovate Showcases

36 LT companies presented their activities in front of an audience and an Expert Jury. Having previously completed an online profile, LT-Innovate Award applicants made an onsite presentation of 8 minutes followed by 7 minutes of Q & A from the audience. An Expert Jury rated each presentation based on the following criteria: innovativeness - business potential - team experience - competitive position - investment or partnering interest - project profile quality. Based on the results of the Jury’s evaluation, the winners of the LT-Innovate Awards 2012 were designated and celebrated at the Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner.

The Expert Jury

The Expert Jury was composed of major players involved in LT with a solid background and experience in the development of innovative practices in the LT arena. The Expert Jury rated each presentation based on the following criteria: Innovativeness - Business potential - Team experience - Competitive position - Investment or partnering interest - Project profile quality. The 12 best presentations received the LT-Innovate Award during the Award Ceremony.

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