20 June 2012

LT-Innovate Award 2012: 12 winners from the LT community

The first LT-Innovation Summit culminated in the LT-Innovate Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner. The Award Ceremony was opened by Dr. Margaretha Mazura, Secretary General of EMF-The Forum of E-Excellence. Mrs Mazura warmly welcomed the audience and then passed the floor to Amelia Andersdotter, Seán Kelly and Katarina Nevedalová, Members of the European Parliament to present the LT-Innovate trophies to the winners. The Winners were introduced by William Stevens, CEO of Europe Unlimited.

The Winners

The 12 best presentations of the LT Innovate Showcases were awarded the LT-Innovate trophy during the Award Ceremony. Here are the 12 Winners:

Three Members of the European Parliament honour the Winners

The LT-Innovate trophy was presented to the winners by Amelia Andersdotter, Katarina Nevedalová and Seán Kelly, Members of the European Parliament. The aforementioned MEPs highlighted the importance of Languages and Language Technologies in the multicultural environment of Europe.

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