18 June 2012

Jury Member Profile for LT-Innovate Awards: Earnest D. Paylor II from WorldTech International

Dr. Paylor is President of WorldTech International, LLC. Prior to this, he was CTO and Vice President of WorldTech, Inc, the Program Director and Senior Advisor for Interagency Programs in the Office of the Special Assistant and NASA Liaison to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration. Additionally, as a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientist and program manager, he provided scientific leadership for a number of successful international space-borne and airborne science missions, and research and development programs. His record also includes national and international liaison and senior policy advisor/committee roles, and the development and oversight of internationally recognized centers of excellence for science and technology. He holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles. 

WorldTech International is a unique information service and systems development company that specializes in international technology scouting, intelligence, and assessments. The intent is to bring new, innovative technologies to the attention of public and private sector customers, Government agencies in particular, for the purpose of research funding, licensing or purchase to fulfill mission needs. Additionally WTI creates technology knowledge portals enabling customers to identify technologies (or companies) that meet their requirements; the New Technology Opportunity Network (NEWTON) is the premier product in this regard. WorldTech International has a growing network of partners and SME’s throughout the world, including Europe, Australia, Asia/South Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

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