22 October 2012

Transenter joins LT-Innovate

Transenter was founded in 2002 as a traditional translation language service provider and has since expanded to become an innovative leader in the translation market. The company has translated millions of words and supported hundreds of firms in achieving their growth. They know how to keep pace with the huge content flow of international companies. Transenter has found the way to translate your content immediately into 20 or 30 different languages, effortlessly and instantly and brings innovative solutions to the multilingual content market, solutions that play a part in increasing your company’s revenue by providing you with access to cutting edge translation technology, thereby reducing turnaround time while maintaining a high-quality translation.

Transenter website

1 comment:

  1. We are proud to be part of LT-Innovate!
    Together we are building the world of tomorrow :)
    Transenter Team