11 October 2012

Logrus joins LT-Innovate

For years Logrus have been developing systems and tools to support translation projects, covering tasks ranging from technical and linguistic quality checks to project management solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the enterprise resource planning system:
  • Website content management system: a simple and intuitive system for creating and updating website content, including that of multilingual websites.
  • Bug tracking system: the system lets project participants publish any detected errors in real time and keep track of the relevant changes in the database.
  • Translation team management: acting as the hub of information exchange among translators, editors, and consultants, it raises the awareness of all process participants about potential complications and ways to resolve them, speeds the translation process along, and enhances the quality of translated material.
  • Project Management: Logrus Dashboard enables customers to keep track of the current status of projects and their components. Automatically updated charts offer an instant snapshot of the situation and help save time on data analysis.

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  1. Yes, you're right. To manage several languages on a website requires the utmost rigour and you have to be really organized!