22 October 2012

Quorate Technology joins LT-Innovate

Quorate Technology is a spin-out from the Centre for Speech Technology Research at The University of Edinburgh. Its proprietary speech recognition software addresses the challenge of being able to find keywords in audio and video recordings. Unlike other speech recognition products, the system is targeted at conversational speech. Any type of meeting with up to 12 participants can be captured using standard recording equipment, transcribed automatically using Quorate’s novel software, and archived for subsequent review. Quorate provides an intuitive browser interface in order to quickly and efficiently review recorded meetings for desired search terms.
Meetings can be captured using a panoramic video camera and any documents presented can be time-stamped, linked to the audio recording and located when a search is performed. Quorate is based in Edinburgh and staffed by a team of some of the world’s leading speech recognition and language processing experts. There are numerous potential use-cases for audio search and automatic transcription of multi-participant meetings.

Quorate Technology website

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