02 October 2012

Results of the ICT Proposers’ Day

The ICT Proposers’ Day which was held in Warsaw on 26/27 September was a success. Over 2.000 European and international stakeholders gathered in the Polish capital to acquire information about the funding opportunities offered by the ICT Work Programme 2013 and to exchange ideas on future project proposals.

The funding opportunities under "Content analytics and language technologies” were presented by Mr Kimmo Rossi, European Commission, “Data Value Chain” Unit. Following Mr Rossi’s introduction, 15 stakeholders of the LT sector, among others, universities and SMEs, presented their products and proposal ideas.

Philippe Wacker, Secretary General of LT-Innovate, gave a presentation on the tools that the LT-Innovate web-platform has on offer and encouraged the audience to visit the website and become acquainted with these. Due to the SME status of the members of LT-Innovate, Mr Wacker highlighted their potentially essential role as partners for the Objectives involving SMEs: Objective 4.2 "Scalable data analytics" and Objective 4.3 "SME initiative on analytics".

If you are interested in learning more about the fascinating world of Language technologies, the current Calls for Proposals under FP7 in this field and also about LT-Innovate, you can still register for the LT-Innovate Workshop which will take place on 8/9 October. Deadline for registration is 3 October!

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