10 October 2012

The 3rd International Symposium on Multilingualism in Cyberspace

As emphasized repeatedly in Net.lang, towards the multilingual cyberspace [1], cyberspace presents both a threat and an opportunity for languages. Threat, because the best equipped languages impose themselves; opportunity, because, by its accessibility and universality, cyberspace provides a channel to those who need it, directly, as a recording option and indirectly, through the dissemination of knowledge.

The third International Symposium on Multilingualism on Cyberspace, organized by the World Network for Linguistic Diversity, is going to take place in Paris from 21 to 23 November 2012.  It will be open to a wide audience in order to make available the issues of linguistic diversity in the digital world and to facilitate understanding of the issues by all persons interested in the development and promotion of languages. Cyberspace will be taken in the broad sense including new media.

The following topics are on the agenda:

4 subjects have been selected by the III SIMC Scientific Council members : 
  • Governance and international cooperation for multilingualism
  • Languages and multilingualism in virtual education
  • Multilingualism and language technologies 
  • Multilingualism, cyberspace and labour market

4 specific roundtables will also be proposed : 
  • DILINET (measuring linguistic diversity in cyberspace) 
  • Net.lang (rising awareness and getting more translations) 
  • World Summit on Multilingualism 
  • Wikipedia (multilingual content and collective participation)

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