11 October 2012

Lingenio joins LT-Innovate

Lingenio GmbH is the producer of the machine translation system translate and the innovative software suite office wörterbuch. Since its setup in 1999, Lingenio has gained a wealth of research and development knowhow that has been moulding the evolution of machine translation technologies.
Its objective is to advance research and the transfer of knowledge for sustainable progress in the efficiency and efficacy of automatic translation.
Lingenio technologies not only enhance the quality of translation, they also afford an essential contribution to cost and time savings. The innovative technologies developed by Lingenio have been recognised by a long line of renowned national and international awards. Lingenio safeguards the pioneering status of its technology by collaborating with a great many national and international universities and companies, including Spoken Translation, Inc. (USA) and Synthema SRL (Italy). In addition, Lingenio is involved in a number of research projects and is a prolific publisher of its own articles on the improvement and optimisation of machine translation infrastructure.

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