22 October 2012

Priberam joins LT-Innovate

Priberam is the world’s leading supplier of natural language processing and search technologies for the Portuguese language and the market leader in law knowledge management systems in Portugal. Multidisciplinary teams of software engineers, linguists and lawyers, among others, develop the company portfolio of products and services.
  • The Priberam Portuguese Language Dictionary (formerly known as Portuguese Language Dictionary Online , or DLPO), with over one million page views per day, is the fifth most popular Portuguese website.
  • FLiP (acronym for " Ferramentas for Língua Portuguesa ") is the brand under which Priberam has been providing various products and services in the area of natural language processing since 1995. The FLiP 8 includes spell checkers, dictionaries, thematic, stylistic and syntactic correction, thesauri, and many linguistic processing features that can be used as add-ins to text editors including Word.
  • Novo Corretor Aurélio (Brazilian Portuguese checking tools) began to license and develop resources for Brazilian Portuguese. 
  • LegiX is the leading Portuguese legal database, the system chosen by the 20 largest law firms operating in Portugal. Since launching the first version in 1991 the evolution of LegiX has been marked by continuous improvements, such as updating via the Internet, automatic creation of hyperlinks to documents cited in the text, the ability to create personal databases, the introduction of notes and, more recently, the generation of digital editions in PDF.
  • Priberam Search is the result of years of work in the areas of natural language processing and legal information systems, as well as projects in research and development that the company has participated in.

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