06 December 2012

MORMED: a new platform for seamless, interactive, and multilingual collaboration in healthcare and life sciences

LTC is proud to announce the availability of a new social networking community platform in the medical domain. It features near real-time communication in multiple languages for wikis, blogs, forums, polls etc., together with semantic analysis, and a content recommender.

LTC successfully completed the final review of the MORMED project - Multilingual Organic Information Management in the Medical Domain - on 28th November, 2012. Fifty per cent funded by the European Commission, MORMED enables instant global knowledge sharing and interactive communication across language barriers. Its fast, automated and secure translation solution continuously improves by learning from human quality feedback. The system also provides enhanced content analysis for users by suggesting suitable tags for content creation and recommending relevant information.

Key features include an innovative translation workflow back-end and intelligent, language-neutral information processing capabilities. All functionality is available through a dynamic user interface. Users can easily understand the information exchanged within community groups regardless of the language used.

The benefits of this platform have been clearly demonstrated for the user communities of two conditions: Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This was clearly brought out in comments from the reviewers, one of whom said that the “partners invested a lot of time and energy to make this project successful, and we commend the continuation of LTC’s substantial efforts in creating a superior product. We wish LTC and its partners every success in marketing MORMED to potential customers in the medical domain and beyond.”
Susan Fraser, EU Project Officer, added that “it is a satisfaction to see that an EU-funded project has produced results that are clearly beneficial to the end-users, as testified by the moderator of the live MORMED platform Angie Davidson, Campaign Director of the St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust, during the review meeting.”

LTC will now make the highly innovative MORMED solution available to enable specialised communities to dynamically share information and collaborate interactively in overcoming language barriers across a range of usage scenarios.
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