14 December 2012

LT Innovate Weekly – Joining the News Dots – 9 to 14 December 2012

Here’s a customer view of the week’s LT news. Which European sectors were explicitly or implicitly addressed by announcements? You might be surprised!

Lawyers and jurists: Good Law is an ideas movement in the UK that aims to build better readability (including ‘plain’ language), accessibility, and discovery into legal documentation of all kinds. Lots of LT challenges in this text-intensive industry.

Industry-specific documentation managers. The Dutch-funded TEXsis  project has been looking at how to factor domain-specific terminology into the whole document translation process, from authoring through machine translation to editing and reading. In-domain terms are obviously key to customised understanding.

Biomed researchers and their kin: Linguamatics will be playing a key role in MANTRA, another project focused on multilingual terminologies to help mine knowledge simultaneously across multiple language repositories. Faster, more accurate knowledge discovery is a competitive asset in this sector.

Healthcare workers, researchers and patients: LTC has successively completed MORMED, a project that has built a platform for dedicated knowledge-sharing in the healthcare field around specific diseases. Seamless multilingual access to knowledge helps broaden and deepen the collaborative reach of everyone involved.

Business content searchers: TEMIS is to equip Bloomberg BNA’s vast repository of documentary knowledge used by business, legal and research experts. These people need to find the right stuff as quickly and accurately as possible, and also benefit from the “similarity” between content objects to deepen their understanding.

The literally speechless: The UK Creative Speech Technology Network  has released a film showing how various cases of speech production disorders can be aided by speech synthesis technology, including a TV comedian!

Hands-free experts who need to stay connected: Ikanos Consulting has added Ziggy, a speech-driven virtual assistant, to its wireless headset computer. People using these ruggedized headsets can keep in contact and search for information while working with both hands under difficult conditions. Safety, optimised information usage, and a better UX.

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