01 December 2012

LT Innovate’s Weekly - Joining the News Dots – 24 Nov- 1 Dec

Translation: Speedy, Crowdsourced and Absolutely Vital
While Finnish-firm Multilizer released version 3 of its translation management solution and the Jordan newbie Dakwak launched a powerful new localisation platform presence for MENA regional start-ups , the rest of the industry seemed be focusing on the still uncertain virtues of crowdsourcing. Lionbridge acquired crowdsourcer Virtual Solutions while Adobe launched its own translation crowdsourcing community site  to explore best practices. Sign of the times, the EPO co-launched an English-Chinese engine with China’s patent organisation.

Virtual Assistants: Personal, Smart and Coming to a Screen Near You
The buzz around IVAs (intelligent Virtual Assistants) is growing. Intel Capital has taken a stake in Spanish IVA maker Indisys . Could this be related to Intel the company’s effort to prepare interface developers for its new perceptual computing kit? In another move, the French IVA firm Akio, has snapped up Dialonics, a dialog solutions compatriot All this probably explains why voice specialist research house Opus has published one of the first reports of its kind on ‘personal virtual assistants’.

Semantics & Content – a Natural Partnership
In the UK, Concept Searching signed semantic information management partnerships with mining specialist RKO in Western Canada, and IT services firm Black Blade while Brand Embassy acquired start-up Beepl semantic search supplier. TEMIS will now deliver its semantic enrichment technology to global publisher Datamatics, which is especially focused on the eBook marketplace. Deeper down in the infrastructure, Norwegian developer Webnodes AS released a Semantic Integration Server to bring more semantics into database technology 

Member States of Language
Sweden pushes its model for multilingualism , Wales is proud to open a Clinithink global &D centre , and Ireland is building a cloud computing research centre.

Exploit of the Week
The CreST creative speech tech network is driving a road-show around Northern England to boost awareness of …yes, speech technology!

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