07 December 2012

LTInnovate’s Weekly – Joining the News Dots – 1-7 December

Simplifying the Content Workflow
ABBYY’s new Mobile OCR app will help you digitise content in situ, with Acrolinx’ new 3.0 release you can SEO your content to make it optimally searchable , and Summly will summarise it all into 350 words for small form devices once it’s published.

Niche Applications
As always, it is the business case that matters most. Inbenta can help you manage email content for CRM units, while Elsevier is providing Meditech’s electronic health records with its ExitCare patient-centric content in English and Spanish. And if you haven’t yet realized that linguistic analysis (not just stats) is a must-have for effective text analysis of any content under the sun, then read Bitext’s white paper on the topic.

Making Multilingual Work
Premier MT supplier SYSTRAN has brought out SYSTRANLinks to simplify website localization . And to help you make MT quality evaluation less of a headache, TAUS has launched its Dynamic Quality Framework toolset to centralise and share best practices on this thorny subject. Two possible candidates are the European and Chinese Patent offices, who have just launched a joint English-Chinese MT system for IPO documents using well-known technology. Is bilingual the same as multilingual?

The Business Value of Audio Recordings
Technology can now help harness vast volumes of spoken content – accented, emotive, personal, in-your-face, revealing language data. This speaks volumes to different constituencies, including VOC analysts, security forces, healthcare personnel, educationalists, speech technologists, and more. Three examples this week: Wolters Kluwer and FX are to make audio recordings of healthcare sector meetings available; Natterbox now integrates with NICE systems to deliver centralized fixed/mobile audio recording for customer analytics and BI. And TextMaster has launched a first-of-its kind mobile app to transcribe/translate spoken recordings.

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