07 December 2012

Grasshopper reduces the number of incoming e-mails by using Inbenta on their customer support portal

Inbenta, a provider of Natural Language Processing technologies and Semantic Search, member of the LT-Innovate Network, announces that Grasshopper was able to reduce the number of oncoming e-mails by using Inbenta Semantic Search on their Customer Support portal. Grasshopper customers are now able to find more of the answers they’re looking for without submitting a ticket to their support team.

Inbenta’s “Instant Email” functionality, available as a Zendesk Integration, dynamically retrieves relevant articles and FAQs while the users type their e-mails, without disturbing or altering their user experience. As users are provided with relevant information as they type an e-mail, they don’t have to send their email and wait for a response.

As Allison Canty, Social Media and Community Manager at Grasshopper, says:
"We saw results almost immediately after implementing Inbenta on our Zendesk powered support site. In the first two months alone, the percentage of unanswered questions went down, from 21.83% to 8.29% and our click-through ratio increased by 34.4%."

"In the first week after implementing Inbenta’s dynamic FAQs on our “submit a request” page, we measured a 22.91% deflection rate for Emails/Tickets,"

"With Inbenta’s help, we were able to identify topics we were lacking in content and create it, based on Inbenta’s suggestions, which helped us greatly improve our online Customer Service. Our customers are now getting more relevant answers to their questions, faster and without submitting a support ticket. It’s a win-win for everyone!"

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