08 November 2012

Videos of the TAUS User Conference 2012 on Translation Automation Now Showing

The full videos of contributions to the recent TAUS User Conference are now available online They include two panel sessions on how (large IT) translation buyers and translation service vendors see the future; contributors including Translated.net and Moravia. There is a clear sense that consolidation is likely in the service sector, and that continuous content streaming, crowdsourcing, and machine translation will now be the norm on the buyer side. The shift to a new, more agile market for translation services may well favour new, innovative players.

You can also watch a session on speech-to-speech translation (with demos), and a host of rapid-fire technology showcases proposing updates or new ideas in translation automation from small or large translation tech firms from around the world. TAUS conferences play a major role in developing a sharing and collaborative mindset among translation players from all over the world, especially Europe. Not just sharing ideas but also in building a practical platform for sharing resources.

It is worth remembering that LT-Innovate has found that two thirds of the top 100 vendors in the “globalisation industry” are based in Europe (half of the top 10), and that there are several thousand companies offering Translation Technology services of various sorts, many of them micro-enterprises but including a significant number with revenues over €50M. Their future may well depend in part on what we pick up from open discussions at TAUS events.

Author: Andrew Joscelyne

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