05 November 2012

The LTi News Roundup - 5th November 2012 (part 3)

Weekly news round-up prepared by the Editorial Staff of LangTechNews for LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe’s Language Technology Industry.

Text Analytics 

In the busy world of sentiment detection and text analytics, there seems to be a growing need to treat languages in the plural. Witness the choice of the Spanish company Bitext to join the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights Ecosystem. This will offer it access to more customers and enable it to promote its Spanish language analytics solutions more globally. Interestingly, this ecosystem has attracted the US firm LinguaSys which also specializes in multilingual analytics and strongly believes that you cannot do proper text analytics via translation. European social media analysis specialists would seem to be well-placed to provide the added value of local language insight.

Pressure on Unified Communications?

A report from the UK found that open standards are needed in the videoconferencing market to simplify the complex puzzle of video hardware and services. Videoconferencing in a time of shrinking travel budgets looks like a no brainer, and the arrival of new interfaces – tablets and smartphones – is putting pressure on suppliers to democratise this still-expensive meeting facility. At the same time VoIP companies like Skype with its Windows 8 integration and the German company FriendCaller are offering user-friendly alternatives to full-blown telepresence. In due course they will benefit from recording, summarisation and speech search and translation technologies that can help transform calls and online meetings into actionable rich content resources. Especially where risk, compliance and confidentiality play a key role

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