13 November 2012

Open Call (+€7K!) for Collaboration from Fusepool

The Geneva-based Fusepool initiative is offering up to €7.000 to any SME or similar interested in co-creating and testing the flagship applications developed in one of Europe’s leading data-pool platforms!

If you are an SME - or working closely with SMEs - and interested in data tools for patents, tenders, partner matching or customer feedback, then the Fusepool team is interested in your help to deliver usable and effective applications as close as possible to your user needs. Find all the information and details here.

Fusepool is dedicated to refining and enriching raw data using common standards and provides tools for analyzing and visualizing data so that end users and other software receive timely, context-aware and relevant information whenever they need it and wherever they are. To ensure high quality data and results, Fusepool combines well-defined but error-prone (semantic) Web 3.0 with controlled supervision and the collaborative but often messy (social) Web 2.0.

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