05 September 2012

Semafora takes over Ontoprise GmbH Semantic product line

Following the news in May that German company Ontoprise GmbH filed for bankruptcy, Semafora Systems GmbH has now announced that it will be taking over Ontoprise’s product divisions. These include Service Resolution Management (SemanticGuide), Content Discovery (SemanticMiner & SemanticXpress), Semantics for SharePoint (SemanticWiki & SemanticMiner), SemanticWeb Technologies (OntoBroker, OntoStudioSemanticGuide). The base of the semafora systems solutions are the tried and tested products OntoBroker and OntoStudio, which are responsible for the central tasks of modeling and knowledge processing.

Financed by Triangle Venture Capital Group, semafora is promising a “seamless takeover and continuation of the business.” The transition also means that the base of operations for these products has moved from Karlsruhe to Darmstadt.

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