05 September 2012

Semantic Technology’s Role in Big Data Solutions?

Forbes has published an article that points out an opportunity for Semantic Technology companies. The article discusses the lack of understanding in companies around big data. The author, , concludes:

"Ready or not, the IT department can expect the business units to come back begging for help, just as they did in the 1990s. And even before business users start crawling back, I can imagine the red faces of all those IT executives that worked so hard in the last five years or so on establishing a “data governance” model for their companies and putting together master data management policies. The Garner analysts warned their listeners that big data “could break existing governance models.” This is similar to what Forrester analyst Boris Evelson wrote earlier this month: “You may find that all of your best DW, BI, MDM practices for SDLC, PMO and Governance aren’t directly applicable to or just don’t work for Big Data. This is where the real challenge of Big Data currently lies. I personally have not seen a good example of best practices around managing and governing Big Data. If you have one, I’d love to see it!”"

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