05 September 2012

Call for paper: where are our weak points and what do we need?

How are the multiple and standard approaches employed by translators to tackle their two-fold task of internalising and then restoring meaning undertaken, taught and learnt? Where do technological processes fit into this nowadays? What do they contribute? How are we trying to create and improve such processes? How do these processes work to uncover meaning? What do they need to achieve this? Can machines really imitate humans, or do they take a different approach altogether? What is the aim and what is the outcome? Are digital corpora in their current form sufficient, or do they need to be pre-processed? 

The second Tralogy conference, organised jointly by the CNRS (IMMI and INIST), the SFT, the European Commission (DGT, EC Representation in France), Paris Diderot University (UFR EILA) and AFFUMT, intends to explore and debate these questions. Its aim is to create a dialogue, and Tralogy will take the above-mentioned multi-pronged approach to meaning as a starting point for discussions of these issues between specialists from different disciplines working at the very points where all of these issues and interests converge (translation, translator training, the language industry, automatic language processing, etc.), with the active participation of those directly concerned: language professionals, researchers, teachers, students, etc. 

Dates and venue of the Conference: January 17-18, 2013 - CNRS Headquarters Auditorium, Paris (France)

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