18 July 2012

MemSource: 3 questions on Machine Translation use

At the Webinar “Making Machine Translation Part of Your Everyday Workflow“ MemSource ran three polling questions and the results are very interesting. To experience the way MemSource Cloud integrates machine translation into the everyday translation workflow, take a free trial. Or read about our post-editing analysis that provides insight into machine translation quality and usage at a segment level.

Question 1: We use Machine Translation for:
0% of our projects: 52%
10% of our projects: 28%
30% of our projects: 16%
50% of our projects: 0%
100% of our projects: 4%

Question 2: Do your translators sometimes use MT without you knowing about it?
No, but I have no way to check: 44%
No, and I have a way to check: 12%
Yes, but I don't mind: 12%
Yes, and it is a concern for us: 32%

Question 3: When you use MT for a project, are you able to measure MT quality?
No: 43%
Yes, to some extent: 45%
Yes, we always measure it: 12%

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