07 October 2013

Actuate and Bitext Announce Collaboration to Deliver Text Analytics Engines and Sentiment Analysis for Big Data through BIRT

Actuate Corporation, The BIRT Company delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined, today announced their cooperation with Bitext, in parallel with Bitext’s U.S. event in San Francisco this evening at WeWork. Bitext provides text analytics engines – inherently multilingual semantic technologies including text analytics and natural language interfaces – sporting one of the highest degrees of accuracy available today. Bitext recently announced a partnership with Salesforce.com as well.

Combined with Actuate’s BIRT iHub™ development tools and platform, or with Actuate’s BIRT Analytics™ 4.2 predictive analysis solution, Bitext provides two main advantages for the BIRT developer or end user: it produces highly accurate precision and recall; and it lends itself easily to a development process based on continuous improvement. BIRT Analytics 4.2 and Bitext are now available as a combined solution from Actuate.

We are very pleased to be working together with Actuate to further enrich their leading BIRT commercial suite with Bitext text and semantic analysis power,” said Antonio Valderrabanos, CEO and Founder, Bitext. “With Bitext analyzing unstructured data words as well as meaning, and Actuate performing advanced analysis of structured as well as unstructured, we cover the world of data.
Bitext enables entity and concept extraction, categorization, and sentiment analysis with a focus on customer-centric business areas such as marketing; customer relationship management and support; content analytics; and any line of business unit that requires advanced analytics. Examples of solutions include text analytics (entity extraction, concept extraction, and sentiment analysis), metatagging (enhanced indexing) and search (natural language interfaces). Currently available for 10 languages, Bitext enables the addition of new languages by including new data sources (dictionaries and grammatical rules).

Our collaboration with Bitext – providers of advanced semantic solutions for social media, search, and more – extends the types of analysis that can be performed with Actuate’s commercial BIRT developer and end-user platform or solution, by adding the ability to score sentiment toward products and services,” said Josep Arroyo, VP of Analytic Solutions at Actuate. “Users of Actuate with Bitext can now tap more than just negative or positive sentiment analysis. They can also visualize anticipated risks, opportunities and threats for personalized insights, in a single display on any device.

For a demo of BIRT Analytics 4.2, please visit Actuate’s YouTube Channel
For a demo of Bitext’s new API, please visit Bitext website

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