06 March 2014

Do you want to analyze texts but currently don't have your own semantic engine?

Focus on your business and rely on Eurosentiment services for doing that work. You'll just have to integrate a simple API in your system. As an example, they have mined opinions for some products on popular websites. Feel free to try the live demo application here.

EuroSentiment aims at creating a shared pool of shared language resources for fostering sentiment analysis, accessible by means of well-defined models and frameworks that leverage the promotion of SMEs in the emerging market of Sentiment Analysis products and services.

The data pool will cover 6 languages -English, Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish- and will be validated through opinion mining demonstrators in two different domains. The targeted users are B2B including service developers, content providers and language resource owners.

EuroSentiment will innovate providing a domain-oriented shared language resource based on WordNetDomains and aligned with WordNet Affect. The pool will be multi-lingual and based on linked data, providing a self-sustainable and profitable framework for language resource sharing.

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