28 February 2014

March 1: the Launch of a New LT-Innovate News Service

LT-Innovate is celebrating spring a little early this year. But we hope it brings the same spirit of renewal and joyful growth to our community of language technology companies, vendors, researchers and their customers. And indeed to all language technology lovers everywhere!

As of March 1st we will be opening up a new stream of language technology news called Language Tech Market News here. This will replace our former news site (Lang Tech News) which is closing down definitively.
We shall also continue to feed the community on the following Twitter accounts:



Our former site enabled us to build up a formidable picture of what was happening in and around the market for language technology products, covering the players, products and possibilities in this exciting environment. This information in turn fed into our reports on the marketplace and our efforts to galvanise European investments in multilingual intelligence as a foundation stone of the European Single Digital Market.

We are now consolidating all our market data and communication activities on the central and unique LT-Innovate site where you can also find links to the news feed we are starting and learn more about our programme as a whole.

And if you have any questions - or contributions - just get in touch as usual.

Happy reading!

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