12 February 2013

Tired of your mother-tongue? Try "Lolcat"!

A new language setting has appeared last Friday on the famous social network Twitter. And guess what ? You can now enable the Lolcat language!

For the uninitiated, the Lolcats "language," based on a popular Internet meme, is noted for its obvious spelling mistakes and excessive capitalization. For example, under the new Twitter setting, "language" becomes "LANGUUJ," "Home" becomes "HUM," and "location" becomes "LOCASHUN" on Twitter's page.

Twitter isn't the the first popular website to have humorous language options. Google offers novel "languages" for some of its pages, including "Elmer Fudd," "Bork, bork, bork!," "Leet speak," 'Klingon," and "Pirate."

As we can see, Internet offers us often new "languages"... For better or for worth ? You are the judge!

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