10 June 2015

Major disruption ahead in the language industry!

The Q2 issue of GALAxy, the quarterly newsletter of our partner association GALA, is guest edited by LT-Innovate Chairman Jochen Hummel (@JochenHummel) with a thought provoking piece on how Language Technology will leverage Big Data and transform the industry.

Several other articles are contributed and/or co-authored by LT-Innovate members and partners:
  • Big Data and the Translation Industry: Three Technology Challenges by Andrew Joscelyne, LT Innovate
  • Finding New Business Segments Through Big Data by Michael Wetzel, Coreon GmbH & Matthias Heyn, SDL plc
  • How to Improve Your Relationship with Machine Translation co-authored by Heidi Depraetere, CrossLang
  • Unlocking Language Resource Assets by Christian Galinski, Infoterm
  • Riga Summit Forges a Unified Vision for Multilingual Europe by Rihards Kalniņš, Tilde

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