03 June 2013

New Connecting Europe Facility includes Language Technology component

The European Commission adopted an amended proposal for a Regulation on guidelines for trans-European telecommunications networks (the so-called Connecting Europe Facility). 

It aims to focus the Connecting Europe Facility intervention on a smaller number of digital service infrastructures (DSI), based on a stringent set of criteria for prioritisation.

Language Technology is considered as one of six "essential building blocks" under the first set of DSI which will receive funding priority according to Art. 6.1 and 6.2 of the proposal.

The six priority DSI are:

(a) Electronic identification and authentication: this refers to services to enable cross border recognition and validation of e-identification and e-signature.
(b) Electronic delivery of documents: this refers to services for the secured, traceable cross border transmission of electronic documents.
(c) Automated translation: this refers to machine translation engine and specialised language resources including the necessary tools and programming interfaces needed to operate the pan-European digital  services in a multilingual environment.
(d) Critical digital infrastructures support: this refers to communication channels and platforms intended to enhance the EU-wide capability for preparedness, information sharing, coordination and response to cyber threats.
(e) Electronic invoicing: this refers to services enabling electronic exchange of invoices.

Full text of the proposal

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