15 May 2013

Enhanced business and translation process management with the release of LTC Worx 3.0

London, UK and Washington DC, USA – May 13, 2013. Today, LTC announced the immediate availability of LTC Worx 3.0.

The LTC Worx business management solution presents new features to provide even more advanced request management and assisted project workflow automation. Performance has been improved further to enhance the user experience, focusing on an even more complete management environment. The new version remains committed to the LTC Worx philosophy to “automate what you can, control what you need”.

Among other capabilities, the new version includes the following benefits:
•    Superior Task Automation will speed up project management considerably and allow personalized control throughout the end-to-end process.
•    The Project Schedule allows project managers to see all tasks in a calendar view for a better overview of project timelines, increased choice and responsiveness.
•    Improved overall performance of the system achieved by upgrading background code and a finely-tuned database.
•    Centralized data & translation management allows users to request operations using external tools integrated within LTC Worx.
•    Resource assessment & online collaboration
•    Integrated workflow & automatic alerts

About LTC Worx

LTC Worx gives project managers and all other users a single source for status updates, exception handling and similar tasks including advanced communication and project tracking tools. You can produce and manage high volumes of multilingual content and products with a system that is fully customizable and scalable. The ability to manage complex workflows has developed the use of the Translation Memory Automation Module.

The new Task Automation will speed up project management considerably by allowing PMs to automate the transition between translation and revision and any further subsequent tasks. This provides almost full automation especially for small and standard jobs for single and multiple language combinations.

LTC Worx is more than a translation management system (TMS) and acts as the central platform for global information management. The system provides you with many integrated tools that are important to help you run your organization. Easy links into CAT tools, content and document management systems (CMS & DMS) allow you to manage everything, including different file types and project types. Its check-out and check-in, versioning and roll back features mean you have full control over all documents relevant to your project at all times.

Find out what makes LTC Worx different. http://www.ltcinnovates.com/products/ltc-worx

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