29 April 2013

Note to Diary for 26-27 June in Brussels: LT-Innovate is Holding the "Towards the Multilingual Digital Single Market" Summit

LT-Innovate is holding its Summit in Brussels at the end of June with the aim of bringing together the European LT community, review our progress as a community and set the stage for the next concrete steps in building a more integrated language technology vendor community. We’re very excited about this and we very much hope all our members will register, attend and make their voice heard. 

LT-Innovate research estimates that in 2011 the worldwide LT market, including software and services, was worth €19.3B. By 2015, we estimate that this should grow to nearly €30B, much of the growth coming from translation software and services. This is why we are entitling the Summit “Towards the Multilingual Digital Single Market” – a compelling reason for leading LT players to explore ways of ensuring that European companies capture as much as possible of this unique multilingual market. 

Day I will focus on what LT-Innovate as a project has achieved in terms of its business model and administrative setup. In the afternoon we are inviting all the CEOs of our member organisations and selected panellists to explore five key questions about the status and potential of the European LT market. The idea is to confront vision with hard data so that we all operate in terms of a realistic but insightful model of the market we are addressing. 

Day 2 will focus fully on the Summit theme - the challenge of technologically enabling the Multilingual Digital Single Market. Through plenary panel discussions and group discussions, we shall look closely at three key future issues: building LT innovation scenarios for the medium term; creating the European Language Cloud as an enabling LT infrastructure; and constructing core service platforms as collaborative LT marketplaces. 

Innovation is all around us in apps, social media, and cloud content management systems to virtual assistants and automated translation solutions. But all these developments still tend to be fragmented in scope and vision – addressing a market or a country here, a language or two there, this device but not that one, and so on. 

Our research shows that it is time to move beyond fragmented, national marketplaces, and build synergies and commonalities that can lead to productive new technology alliances. We need to break down the “silo” organization of the way language is perceived in our communities, and organize a language industry that can enable any industry, sector or business to improve its competitiveness in Europe’s single marketplace 

Sound like a tough call? Just come and help us make the great leap forward, and launch the European Language Cloud as a powerful catalyst for a language-neutral content market in Europe. 

If you need the backstory to our ideas, please read the LT-I Industry Vision Statement and Market Report, see www.bit.ly/13UAaST). If you don’t agree and have better suggestions, an even better reason to come: we need to hear them! 

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